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We set up for you, some mailing lists, that will keep you imformed on news and changes or for you to aks questions about ICMC2001. The use of these lists is preferred rather than using the private emails, also listed in this page. You will receive a faster answer that could also the answer to questions that someone else could have. In this way you will help us and other participants. Thank you

This is a news and announcement list. We will use this list to keep you updated with important changes news and information about ICMC 2001.
Only the organizing committee is allowed to post and it will be a quite low traffic list. We encourage you to subscribe this list, it will be very usefull, it will also remember you the approaching deadlines.....If you prefer not to subscribe you'll find these messages in the section:
News & Announcement
This is a mailing list open to everybody who wants to subscribe and post. If you have questions, doubts, about ICMC 2001 this is the right place.
NOTE: Any off topic message or spam sent to this list will imply the immediate cancellation of the subscriber that posted it.

Even if the use of the mailing lists is preferred and reccomended for a faster answer to your question, you could also address you question too:

General Information:
For generic questions related to your participation to ICMC 2001
Once more: Using the mailing is preferred and a faster way to get an answer.
Paper chair:
Note: Abstracts and final papers must be submitted to this address.
For more information please check: Call for papers
Note: For more information please check: Call for Music
Note:If you have questions about registration and registration fees, please contact: COGEST
Note:If you have questions about hotels, booking hotels and hotel costs, please contact: San Cristobal Italia

If you have any question about the icmc or the web site, contact