MUS 320 Topics in World Music

Cultural Autobiography and Listening Examples

Cultural Autobiography

In a short paper (3-4 pages double-spaced), write about your cultural and musical influences. Address these questions:

-What/where are your cultural roots? Are they the same as your "ethnic" roots? (explain)
-When did your family come to North America?
-Do you identify with the culture(s) of your heritage? In what ways (if any)?
-What genres of music do you study (if any)?
-What genres of music do you listen to the most? (If these aren't the same, comment on the differences).
-Have your musical tastes changed much since your youth?
-What are your earliest memories of engaging with music?

Your paper will be evaluated on how effectively you cover the material, your use of correct and appropriate language, and insight and depth with which you address the issues.


Listening Examples (to be presented in class)

In class, present to us three musical examples:

1. Music you love. This should be easy, except for choosing from your favourite music just one selection. Tell us why you love it, if you can.

2. Music you hate. Music that would cause you to move to the other side of a restaurant to get away from it.

3. Music that contains the most complex rhythm you can find. We will try to figure it out.