The locations on this trip were defined by house exchanges in Bozeman, Grand Junction and Santa Fe, roughly ten days in each place.  Early Fall has turned out to be an ideal time since by the time we reached Colorado, Fall colours were in full “riot”.  Bozeman is just a lovely, mellow town and served as “base camp” for a memorable trip to Yellowstone.  A night in Salt Lake City and a visit with Connie’s “Bridesmaid” Pat Brewer preceded our drive to Grand Junction: a similar size and feeling to Bozeman but is a short drive from two of the more spectacular geological wonders of the american west: the Colorado National Monument and the Grand Mesa National Forest.  Our drive to Santa Fe through the San Juan Mountains, 4 summits - each about 11,000 ft., was yet another breath taking experience: more alpine but with all the Fall colours.  Santa Fe is a very different environment  Our first two houses were large and modern and superbly comfortable, but our Santa Fe house (like the city itself) is deeply imbued with Spanish culture.  We feel very much “off continent” here.  After 10 wonderful days in this city of great beauty and culture, we took three long days of driving to return to Castlegar for a few days before returning to Victoria on Oct. 15.

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