Bruce & Connie in England/Geneva/Berlin

October 1 - 31, 2012


A “Busman’s Holiday” - The first half of our trip was a return to our

                                                   former lives as conductors and tour leaders.

  1. 1.Oct. 1 - 10: Oxfordshire England - We led a group of 10 “West” cousins on a 3 day tour around the area of our ancestors, seeing graveyards, countryside and the Mills which they ran.  As self-appointed family historian, I have dreamed of sharing my research of 20 years with my cousins “on-site” and this was the culmination of that dream.  The house above is where my mother was born in 1907.

  1. 2.Oct. 10 - 14 - Geneva, Switzerland - Connie and I do some guest teaching and conducting at College du Leman - our first time “in the saddle” for over a year.

  1. 3.Oct. 15 - 31 - Berlin, Germany - We have a house - apartment exchange in this great city and enjoy much needed “R&R” after the busy first two weeks.

                        Berlin 1 - Photos

                        Berlin 2 - Photos

                        Berlin 3 - Photos & video