Music 307
Introduction to Computer Music

Kirk McNally
Office: MacLaurin B006
Phone: 427-5628
Office Hours: Weds 3-5 pm or by appointment


Labs (4)




Final Project


Friday, September 8th

- initial introductions, procedures and scheduling of Friday labs

- listening examples to include: James Tenney, Collage#1 (BlueSuede), For Ann (rising)

- reading for next lecture: Jean-Claude Risset, foreward to Electroacoustic Music (handed out in class)

Week 1:

Tuesday, September 12th

- brief history of the computer music, timeline

- CCRMA, IRCAM, GRM and Bell Labs

- Listening examples to include: Edgard Varese Poeme Electronique, Paul Lansky Notjustmoreidlechatter, Karlheinz Stockhausen Kontakte, Paul Lansky Mild und Leise, Radiohead Ideoteque

- Reading for next lecture: Dodge Computer Music, pg.322-329

- Assignment #1

Friday, September 15th

- Studio orientation, etiquette and expectations

- Introduction to Pro-Tools & the Yamaha Console

Week 2:

Tuesday, September 19th

- Musique Concrète, Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry

- electronic vs. electroacoustic vs. computer music

- Pro-Tools and Musique Concrète

- Listening examples to include: Pierre Henry Symphonie pour un homme seul, Hugh le Caine Dripsody, Karlheinz Stockhausen Etude and Gesang der Jünglinge

- Reading for next class: Dodge/Jerse, Chapter 2 The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Music

Friday, September 22rd

- Musique Concrète field recording

- Assignment #2 (musique concrete étude)

Week 3:

Tuesday, September 26th

- Assignment #1 due (presentations, 3-4 per class)

- Dodge/Jerse, Chapter 2 The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Music

- Timbre theory modern/traditional

- Listening examples to include: John Chowning Phonée

Friday, September 29th

- Studio Tutorial, routing, recording and file management

- MAX/MSP speed variation

Week 4:

Tuesday, October 3rd

- Assignment #1 (finish presentations)

- Additive/Subtractive Synthesis Theory

- Fourier

- Reading for next class: Chowning The Synthesis of Complex Audio Spectra by Means of Frequency Modulation

- Listening examples to include: TBA

Friday, October 6th

- Additive/subtractive Synthesis using MSP and the Buchla

Week 5:

Tuesday, October 10th

- Assignment #2 due, listening & discussion

- AM/FM, ring modulation

- Listening examples to include: John Chowning Turenas

Friday, October 13th

- AM/FM, ring modulation con't

- Buchla vs. MAX/MSP

- Assignment #3

Week 6:

Tuesday, October 17th

- Midi protocol, Mid-term exam review

Friday, October 20th

- Midi protocol con't & Studio 3 MIDI set-up

Week 7:

Tuesday, October 24th

- Mid-Term Exam

- Topics to include: Electro-acoustic/Computer music history, Musique Concrète, Pyschoacoustics, Addative/Subtractive synthesis techniques, Fourier,

Synthesis techniques as discussed in class and listening recognition from musicalexamples list provided

- Reading for next class: Garath Loy Musicians Make a Standard: The MIDI Phenomenon, from The Music Machine pg. 181-199

Friday, October 27th

- Mid-Term exams back

- Assignment#3 due, listening & discussion

Week 8:

Tuesday, October 31st

(class to be held in Laboratory for Extended Media, LEM)

- Introduction to Max (object-oriented programming)

- Assignement #4

Friday, November 3rd

(class to be held in Laboratory for Extended Media, LEM)

- MAX (object-oriented programming) con't

- In class Lab#1

Week 9:

Tuesday, November 7th

(class to be held in Laboratory for Extended Media, LEM)

- Max (object-oriented programming) continued

- In class Lab#2

Friday, November 10th

(class to be held in Laboratory for Extended Media, LEM)

- Max (object-oriented programming) continued

- In class Lab#3

Reading Break - Nov 13-15th

Week 10:

Friday, November 17th

- Final assignment outlines due

- Discussion of final assignments

Week 11:

Tuesday, November 21st

- Using Pro-Tools to integrate MIDI, digital audio and MAX/MSP

Friday, November 25th

- Assignment #4 due, listening and discussion

Week 12:

Tuesday, November 28th

- Guest lecture TBA

Friday, December 1st

- Listening/Discussion of final assignments in progress